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Life's better with thicker, healthier hair.

Start your hair care regimen with the Biogaine Kit, everything you need in one simple package.

Life's better with thicker, healthier hair

Start your hair care regimen with the Biogaine Kit, everything you need in one simple package.

The Biogaine Kit is everything you need for serious regrowth. The Kit comes with a 2 month supply of Biogaine topical, plus a Scalp Brush and 1mm Dermaroller. 

When designing the Biogaine formula we asked ourselves a simple question:  "What is the best possible topical product for hair growth, regardless of cost?"

We're proud to say that Biogaine is the answer, containing over 8 potent active ingredients, all independently shown in scientific studies to either stimulate hair growth, block DHT, or shorten the telogen (resting) phase of the hair cycle.

  • Our most powerful topical formula

  • Comes with 1mm Dermaroller and Scalp Brush

  • 3 products work together for multi-angle approach

  • Ultra high-quality natural ingredients

Combat scalp tension and massage the scalp all in one with the revolutionary new device for men and women with thinning hair.

  • Our ultimate 2 month package for thinning hair

  • Contains the Scalp Elixir, Supplement and Hairbiotic

  • 3 products work synergystically to maximise hair growth

  • All-natural, non-chemical, ultra high-quality ingredients

The 2 Month Pro covers all your bases when it comes to hair growth. The Scalp Elixir works together with the Essentials Supplement and Complete Hairbiotic through 6 unique channels that work holistically with your body for stronger, thicker and healthier hair.

  • Natural extracts help target DHT on the scalp directly

  • Helps to clean and unblock the scalp pores

  • Provides nutrients and minerals to the hair follicles 

  • Designed to stimulate blood flow in the dermal layer

  • Easy to apply precisely to thinning areas of the scalp

  • 100% drug free - No nasty chemicals

The Scalp Elixir is what more and more people are using as a natural, topical way to support healthy hair growth. 

It comes with a precision applicator so the elixir can easily be applied to thinning areas of the scalp. Promotes healthy hair by targeting DHT and encouraging increased blood flow.


Includes a blend of the most potent natural DHT Blockers

  • Ingredients shown to support strong, healthy hair

  • Promotes pH balance and soothes scalp

  • Caffeine and taurine work synergystically

  • Leaves hair feeling thick, clean and strong

  • Uses natural extracts to target DHT topically

  • 100% drug free - No nasty chemicals

Most shampoos contain chemicals that strip away protective oils, dry out the scalp, alter natural pH and kill beneficial bacteria. Our new all-natural shampoo is uniquely formulated with apple cider vinegar for people with thinning hair, whilst gently cleaning away dirt, grease and plaque.

  • Formulated to support healthy hair growth

  • Highly absorbent and concentrated forms

  • Potent active ingredients

  • Two month supply - 1 capsule per day

  • Ingredients individually proven to support healthy hair

Our new Anti Hair Loss Essentials Supplement is the result of over three years research into which nutrients and minerals are crucial for healthy hair growth. Don't take the risk of being deficient in these critical nutrients and minerals when you could take this daily supplement.

  • Top 6 probiotic strains for hair health

  • Helps improve gut function and nutrient absorption.

  • Can help heal gut dysfunction that impairs hair health

  • Ultra high-quality strains and 5 billion CFU per serving

The Hairguard Complete Hairbiotic contains 6 strains of probiotics which have been specifically chosen because of their role in improving hair health. This blend of 6 strains in unique to Hairguard and based on 2 years of research into hair-growth probiotics.

  • Ingredients shown to support strong, healthy hair

  • Promotes pH balance and soothes scalp

  • Hydrate, protect and boost with Biotin, Aloe and Argan oil

  • Leaves hair feeling thicker and bouncier

Our new Biotin Conditioner supports healthy hair growth with important nutrients and minerals. Aloe and Argan boost scalp hydration and elasticity and protect the hair follicles. Leaves your hair feeling and looking stronger and thicker.

All videos and resources to help with hair health now inside the Pro Area.

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