Hair growth smoothie

Whilst having this knowledge at your disposal is the first step in revamping your diet, we know that it's only half the battle. The other half is assimilating the advice and actually implementing it, which can be very difficult, especially on an on-going basis. 

That's why the best and most simple way to ensure you start off each day as best as possible is to have a smoothie every morning for breakfast. 

This smoothie will cherry-pick the best ingredients from the previous sections, ensuring you're getting the majority of the nutrients and minerals you need for the hair follicles to grow, in a simple and convenient manner, right at the start of the day.In this section, we're going to go over the top. 

You'll not just get enough of these raw hair building nutrients, but you'll create an overabundance of them. You'll remove any chance that your body is ill-equipped to grow thick healthy hair. Supporting healthy regrowth hair is not easy, so you have to give it every chance. 

This means loading up the body with more than enough of what it needs. But remember, even a newborn's hair takes over a year to grow, so don't expect instant results. You have to stick with it over the long term as it will take months to effect change.

Our body is also very clever. It knows that hair is not the biggest priority; it's not essential for our survival. For this reason, other organs will receive the nutrients and minerals first, if we are deficient in any. 

That's why we need to make sure there's more than enough to go around. And for convenience, we want to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

This homemade hair growth smoothie will provide you with essential micronutrients in an easily digestible and easy to assimilate form. Some foods contain lots of nutrients and minerals, but they aren't digestible and easily assimilated inside our body, rendering them almost worthless. 

The smoothie provides all of these hair growth building blocks in a way that is quickly and easily digestible so they can be as beneficial as possible.

This means that we're not only getting the nutrients into our body but also giving it every chance to properly digest and then absorb those nutrients.



Coconut milk

Hemp protein powder

Pea protein powder

MCT oil

Collagen powder
Hairguard Probiotic capsules

Coconut water

Full spectrum BCAA powder

Spinach or watercress

Bone broth

The best option, one that will be a cornerstone of your diet moving forwards, is bone broths. 

In this section I'll show you how you can extract the minerals and collagen from chicken, beef, lamb and fish bones incredibly cheaply, and use them to help grow your healthy hair. 

From the bones of these animals (use organic and pasture raised animals where possible) we can extract collagen, proline, glycine, glutamine and various other important amino acids which are used in the hair shaft. 

Bone broth is also high in important minerals such as magnesium, which makes it great for boosting detoxification, fighting allergies and healing leaky gut.It's safe to say bone broth is an amazingly effective way to provide the body with everything it needs to grow healthy thick hair, so don't skip this part. 

It's also cheap and straightforward. Most butchers will have leftover bones that you can either get for free or buy for very cheap.

Take the bones, add just enough water to cover them, and then boil for a few hours (for chicken and fish) or 24 hours for lamb and beef. Then remove the bones and strain the broth.

Optional: If you want to add vegetables then you'll want to add them at this stage, boiling them for at least another hour afterwards, ideally three. Aim to consume at least one cup of this per day. 

If you're having meat during a meal, then it's a good idea to complement it with a cup of bone broth to provide a balanced and anti-inflammatory amino acid profile. 

Since there are many different recipes available online, that is as specific as we'll get. You can keep it simple, with just the bones and a bit of salt and pepper, or feel free to experiment with recipes, seasoning with local produce and the bones available to you. It's important to set your body up with an abundance of these building blocks.

Pro thyroid diet

Maintaining a properly functioning thyroid is important for overall hair health.

There are certain food groups that are recommended, some to eat in moderation (like nuts and seeds) and some to avoid where possible.

The list of foods can be seen in the next boxes. This isn't a complete list but should give you a good idea.

Foods to enjoy






Coconut Oil

Beef Liver 


Goat Milk 

Green Tea 

Sweet Potato 

Olive Oil 

Grass Fed Chicken Liver 

Unpasteurized Milk 

Coconut Water 


Red Palm Oil 

Bone Broth 


Organic Eggs 

Herbal Tea 



Cottage Cheese 




Most Fruits 

White RiceOrange/Apple/Lemon JuiceCoconut milk

Foods to have in moderation

Bok choy 


Brussels sprouts 




Chinese cabbage 

Choy sum 

Collard greens 


Chinese broccoli 

KaleMustard greens 




Brazil nuts 


Chia seeds 

Flax seeds 

Hemp seeds 

Macadamia nuts 



Pine nuts 


Pumpkin seeds 

Sesame seeds 

Sunflower seeds 


Foods to avoid

Pasteurized Milk 

Bread sticks 




Cakes and cake products 




Pop tarts 


Rice crackers 

Rye bread 

Wheat crackers 

White bread 

Wheat bread 

White flour 

Whole wheat bread 


Fish Oil Supplements(Except few brands)Alcohol 

Artificial sweeteners 

Boxed quick cooking foods 

Canned vegetable 

Chicken nuggets 

Corn chips 

Diet food 

Energy bars 

Fat free products 

Fast foods 

Granola cereals 

Granola bars 

Hot dogs 

Imitation cheese products 

Pre-packaged flavored products 

Processed cheese products 

Refined sweetener 

Microwave oven foods 




Ready to eat meals 

Corn Flakes 

Instant oats (brown sugar) 


Quakers instant oatmeal (flavored) 

Quick oats 

Raisin Bran 

Vegetable Oil 

Organic Vegetable Oil 

Soybean Oil

Corn Oil 

Canola Oil 

Organic Canola Oil

Grape Seed Oil 

Hydrogenated Oils 


Any oil that is labeled as refined, hydrogenated partially-hydrogenated

Essential nutrients & minerals 

In terms of getting the right nutrients and minerals that are essential for healthy hair growth, the ultimate insurance policy is the Essentials Supplement.

Why risk a nutrient or mineral deficiency when taking 1 capsule daily can provide all of your Recommended Daily Allowance?

That's why we made the Essentials, to cover all your bases and make sure your hair has everything it needs to grow naturally strong.