Proactive stimulation

From your analysis results it looks like you've got the typical Norwood-Hamilton pattern of hair loss as shown in Figure 1.

We can see the progression on hair loss through the usual stages. This pattern is caused by scalp tension which directly affects blood flow to the hair follicles.

In Figure 2 we can see a model of scalp tension across the scalp. green shows high tension and blue shows lower tension.

Notice how higher tension areas are the exact same areas which go bald first.

Figure 1.

By reducing these areas of high tension we can improve the blood flow to the hair follicles and allow the hair to regrow naturally. 

(We can speed up the regrowth by using other techniques talked about here.)

This module will be all about how to reduce this scalp tension to allow the hairs to grow properly.

Scalp massage & exercise demonstrations:

A quicker, faster and easier way to reduce scalp tension.

As you know now, scalp tension is the primary cause of pattern hair loss, and so reducing the scalp tension is the most effective way to reverse it. That's why massages and exercises are effective.

However, there's also another way, which is also quicker, faster and easier. It's called the Growband, and it's the fastest way to reduce scalp tension.

It works by inflating an inner tube of the band, using a hand pump. This inflation causes the Growband to squeeze the scalp upwards, thereby releasing the downward tension.

The motion of inflating and deflating the Growband causes the scalp to release and then go back to normal and is very effective for reducing tension. In studies, men who used the scalp tension relieving device experienced thicker, stronger and more coverage of hair.

Laser Cap 272


What's the best size of dermaroller?

The best size needles for the scalp is 1mm. Smaller than this will have a reduced affect and larger than 1mm could cause too much damage

How often should I microneedle?

In the study, participants used a microneedle just once per week. 

This is the optimal frequency because it maximises the frequency whilst still allowing enough time for the scalp to heal properly between sessions

Can I apply the Scalp Elixir after microneedling?

No, do not apply the Scalp Elixir after microneedling. 

You should be using the Scalp Elixir every night,  however, on the one day that you micro-needle you should skip using the Elixir. 

Resume application the next evening like usual.

Can the skin get infected from the dermaroller?

It's very important to properly wash the dermaroller before you use it again. 

If the pins aren't washed properly then you increase the chances of infection. Pour boiling water over the roller before using it, but make sure it cools before applying to your scalp. Infection is very rare, but irritation can occur. 

Use your own judgment about whether the irritation is too bad to continue. If you have a scalp infection before using the dermaroller then wait until this clears up before continuing.

Will microneedling pull hairs out?

This should not happen if using a dermastamp. However, if using a dermaroller then the pins and / wheel may occasionally catch a hair or two. 

This is fine, just ensure that no more than 10 hairs are being pulled in a session. If it pulls more than this, you may have to do shorter strokes. 

How do I clean the dermaroller?

It's important that you clean the dermaroller each time you use it. If the pins are dirty then you will increase your chances of getting an infection or irritating the skin. 

Take an antibacterial wash and mix with water in a mug. Place the dermaroller inside the mug and leave for 1 minute and swish around. 

Remove the dermaroller from the mug and rinse with boiling water. Dry it, and place it back in its case, or a clean container.

Should I use the dermastamp or dermaroller?

This is a good question, there are pros and cons for both.

The dermaroller can cover more area quickly but it potentially slightly more damaging to the scalp.

The dermastamp can be more precise but takes longer. It's also easy to adjust the needle size to suit each part of your scalp.

In general I use the stamp for my hairline and the dermaroller for the rest of the scalp.