Hairguard product user guides

Scalp Elixir guide

The Scalp Elixir is the most effective plant-based topical product that helps support healthy hair growth. Shake the bottle and apply to scalp before bedtime and massage into the scalp, then rinse out in the morning. Check the microneedling and topical modules for additional resources.

Growband guide

For those with pattern hair loss the Growband is the most effective way to reduce scalp tension and massage the entire scalp. Use for 10 minutes daily for 6 months along with scalp massages if possible. See the scalp tension module for more info.

Supplement guide

Cover your nutritional and mineral bases for healthy hair growth whilst reducing stress hormones with Ashwaganda. Take 1 capsule per day, ideally along with the Hairbiotic. Check the hair nutrition module for more info.

Shampoo guide

Formulated for results not for appearances the shampoo should be used once, maximum twice per week with cool or cold water. Squeeze a dollop of the liquid into your hand and massage into wet hair. Check the water quality module for more info.

Hairbiotic guide

Rebalance your healthy bacteria with the top 6 strains of proven hair health promoting probiotic strains in one easy capsule. In addition, try to avoid foods with preservatives and fluorides in tap water. Also see our module on gut health.

Dermaroller guide

Microneedling is a proven way to improve hair growth. One study showed it increased the effectiveness of minoxidil by 3X. We show you why and how to use your dermaroller.

How to take before/after pictures

Taking a 'before' picture when you get started is important to help track your progress. Although it's a good idea not to check your hair too often, but it will be useful to compare it with your 'after' photo in 6 months time.