Stress & Hair Health: 5-Day Mini-Course

Welcome to the 5-day Hairguard stress reduction mini-course. In this course you're going to learn our best practical tips to help reduce your stress levels, and in turn improve the health of your hair.

Day 1: Exercise

Exercise can help reduce stress in the short term and long term. 

Learn the 4 ways how exercise can help reduce stress, and also what you need to do and how to do it to start reducing your stress levels.

Day 2: Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause an increase in anxiety and stress. Therefore, prioritising your sleep can reduce stress levels and in turn, improve your hair health. 

Learn 5 sleep hygiene tips that will help improve your sleep exponentially. 

Day 3: Relaxation Techniques

Having tools to quickly deal with stress will make it much easier for you to deal with it when it arrises. 

Learn 3, simple and easy to use relaxation techniques you can use at any point in the day to help reduce stress.

Day 4: Nutrition & supplements

Did you know that good nutrition can help reduce stress levels? Learn 3 stress relieving nutrition practices, and learn about some of the best supplements to take to help reduce stress.

Day 5: Routines

Today, on the final day, we look at bringing all the practices together and creating a morning and evening routine. 

That way, you can use all the techniques consistently, because when it comes to hair health, consistency is key.

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