More sections will be coming soon to the topical treatment module, for example, how to make your own dermaroller serum.

Along with how to use IGF-1 growth factor to stimulate hair follicle neogenesis.

For now though I want to emphasise the use of the Scalp Elixir for bed time which contains the most effective non-chemical ingredients for hair growth.

It's important to point out here that most people put far too much emphasis on topical treatments (things you rub on your head!).

Topical treatments will never be very effective because scalp tension is the real cause of pattern hair loss and if there is still tension in the scalp the hairs will have a very hard time to regrow.

For this reason, I only recommend really using a topical treatment when you're also using scalp massages/Growband to also remove the tension.

Once the tension is removed, topical products will be much more effective at actually stimulating the hairs to start growing again.