Biogaine is Hairguard's ultimate hair growth topical. 

It combines scientifically-proven ingredients into a single formula designed to stimulate hair growth, and also block DHT directly in the scalp.

This helps to stop the progression of hair loss, whilst also boosting blood flow to the hair follicles so they have the best chance of growing back thick and healthy.

Biogaine targets Layer 1 of the scalp. When you order, you'll also get a free Dermaroller so that you can treat Layer 2 of the scalp at the same time by microneedling once per week. This dual-layer approach is the more effective than any 1-Layer treatment by itself, which is another reason that the product so effective.


For the ultimate hair growth regimen, we recommend combining Biogaine with a treatment that tackles Layer 3 of the scalp (the Galea). 

To do so, you'll need to either massage your scalp daily with your hands, or utilise a Growband which does it for you.